Budo Rensei traditional karate & kobudo in Espoo
Budo Rensei is a budo club founded in 2012 by a group of karate enthusiasts who wanted to enable the training of Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo in Espoo. Founded in 2005 by soshi Matsuoi Yuji, 8. dan, the karate style is a versatile and traditional Japanese martial art that includes locks, throws, and techniques with weapons in addition to punches and kicks.
The name Budo Rensei was given to the club by our head teacher, soshi Matsuoi. The name represents strong and determined training in which mental growth is also essential. Our logo embodies some main principles in our karate style. The three circles represent the three cornerstones of training, san-iku: shin for mind, tai for body and waza for technique. All of these must be present when practicing karate. The outer circle depicts an endless ring. The practice of budo is continuous development of the self - both physically, technically, and mentally.

Our practices are mostly in the Tapiola area on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. See the calendar and maps on the Harjoitukset page for more info.

The junior groups in Budo Rensei are intended for children and youth of ages 7 to 14. In junior karate lessons, mainly the same forms and techniques are taught as in the adult groups, but full contact and locks, for example, are excluded.

Karate improves fitness, stamina, agility and balance in a safe manner. In addition, educational aspects such as respect for others, cleanliness, and fortitude are promoted. Because karate is a martial art, training is disciplined to avoid even minor injuries. However, the teaching for young karatekas involves a lot of sporty games to develop coordination.
The background of a junior in sports or his/her state of development is rarely an issue - junior karate is suitable for everyone. If you are in doubt, contact us before enrolling for the beginner's course.

Adults050 468 7107 ( Sakari )
Juniors040 540 3367 ( Ilkka )
Beginners course

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